Creative Writing

Here is some of my past creative writing. I’ve dated the ones I could remember when and where I wrote them. Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think. If you are curious how a certain piece was inspired or how to interpret it, let me know. I may end up dedicating a blog post to deciphering one of my writings if there is enough interest.



As the clouds travel through the sky,

I feel your kiss in the warm wind.

My eyes witness the colors of the land

And the rolling hills carved by your fingers.

Thunder begins to clash inside my heart,

But you raise your hand and instill peace.

I stand before you with weak knees

And behold that you are the Sovereign God.

- May 18 - Annalong, Northern Ireland

Away in a Dream

Deep into the night, I dream of another existence

Finding myself vulnerable to my mind’s desires.

It is futile to resist this false experience.

I wholly embrace this sensation.


There you stand with a strain in your smile.

Something within your heart longs to be released

Through glad words of piercing strength.

Keep me not in torturous suspense.


You claim to be my lover, my companion,

Yet I sense a deception in this moment.

Unsettled, my heart denies your words

And my lungs fill with air of disappointment.


Even in disbelief, my body weakens to your ploys:

Your touch melts away the bulwark around my soul

And those alluring eyes expose my deepest thoughts.

I surrender – I abandon reason and believe.


My eyes joyfully tear and cleanse my sorrow.

To be loved, to be valued once more by another

Overcomes the affliction of a terrible world.

But this life will not smile on me today.


Tears of joy become a blinding mire

As my eyes open and wake to reality.

My lover stays behind in my dreams

And she stays away from me forever.

- January 1 - Siloam Springs, Arkansas

The Show

Standing alone on the stage

These nameless faces stare at me.

The lights begin to descend

And I breathe in deeply.


This is my time to be me;

It’s my hour to shine.

I was dead before this moment,

But I will be given life.


I have no name to remember –

Only a silhouette in the dark.

My identity will be revealed;

Stage lights illuminate who you are.


The music is beautiful.

The commotion is loud.

The air is thick with heat.

The room moves swiftly round.


Smell of sweat fills my nostrils;

A cool breeze blows on my face.

Bodies collide in the violent ritual,

And the voices shout in alliance.


A last song ends the affair,

And the lights dim once again.

These strangers – my brothers –

Approach and ask for my name.


I lay my head to rest tonight;

There is nothing more to give.

Someone enjoyed the event:

This is why I live.

- November 19 - Joplin, Missouri

The Good Day

Good morning, my Young Love;

The Night has left us now;

The sun climbed high this day

And glorified your brow.

The stars of night hid away,

Yet glorious heavens danced

In your eyes in light of sun;

I prayed you’d stay for romance


A rainy Day, my Spouse,

Has come to tatter marriage;

Complexion garbled by cloud

In attempt to cause disparage.

Will trials tear us apart

Or break this promise pure?

Devotion by golden bands

Binds You and I to endure.


Goodnight, my Aged Wife,

For Night will fall for All;

A life is just a day

For Heaven’s promised to befall.

A simple plea, I ask

That You will look for me

When Day will end for You;

I’ll wait eternally.


Empty Heaven

Alas, the scale is weighed down by damned souls

The hellish worms will never hunger again

The fires of hell burn brighter each day

As the Secret is kept inside the churches


Relationships will be severed eternally

For a great void is stretched across

A vacant heaven and an overflowing hell

And the Secret remains unknown


Heaven is filled with tears of mourning

For loved ones are absent for ever

Hell brims over with shrill shrieking

And the Secret stays silent still


The Secret of an unconditional love

The Secret of an eternal salvation

The Secret of a Savior lies unspoken

Yielding a teeming hell and an empty heaven



I lay before the piercing eyes of my foes.

All I am is a fool in the wisdom of man.

Listen closely to these painful words:

Persecution is torturous agony.


You may ask why I endure such trials;

It’s not to achieve self-pleasure.

My heart dwells on the life beyond

My imminent death of mortal flesh.


I suffer for the sake of the One who suffered first.

I weep for the souls blanketed in darkness.

Amidst their evil smiles, they question their existence

As they see mine pass away.


I only pray and hope to see them again.

My body is set ablaze, and my endless pain endures.

But as long as I take joy in the reward to be given,

This will all be worth it.


Dead Christ

The God is slain by mortal men.

The Body rots as centuries pass.

His followers gather around His corpse:

A grand spectacle of foolery.


Lives based upon a myth;

A lie in which many partake.

No celebration; no signs of life;

Only imitations of death – none awaken.


Words of such beauty spill,

But their doings are a cup drawn empty.

They worship gods of sin and lust

As they wait for the return of a buried God.


A Solemn Epitaph

Oh, Mourning, be my company;

Oh, Gloom, stay a little longer.

Dear Sadness, cleanse me quickly.

The end of life appears near.


I am stricken with sickness:

Leave me with this depression.

Throw me out of the city;

It is time for my extinction.



She stands near the doorway

Her eyes peer through the crack

A reflection imitates her in the mirror

The door hinges whine in horror


A dark figure looms over her shoulder

And the mirror watches her face pale

Her mind escapes reality hastily

Icy breath covers her weak body


Her eyelids shut tightly together

The creature’s arm upholds her stature

As if to swoon, she collapses

In the arms of Satan, she rests her soul


Slowly, they devilishly dance

Damning every moment speedily

The demon lifts her up effortlessly

Her ears hear the whispers of deception


It lays her down upon the floor

She now returns to her sanity

Her eyes flutter open as a butterfly

Yet a parasite lingers over her body


Her soul stares into evil incarnate

Her body lies helplessly paralyzed

Awaiting the kiss of death, steps are heard

The devil looks into the mirror before him


The face of immorality fills with fear

The angel of sin exits exuberantly

She rises to behold her Liberator

Her Husband stands in the doorway



I wish to carry your burdens,

But it is not to be.

I have set myself apart from others,

And I will live a life without you.


You will weep for me a little;

I will remember you forever.

Do not linger with me any more,

For a wonderful life awaits you.


I will have no son to teach

And no daughter to protect.

I will live closer to the Lord:

The Maker of the family.


I delight to please Him daily

And will give the utmost sacrifice.

Though, it is not required of me,

He may reach more through my act.


So do not forget me,

But love me a little less.

Your true husband seeks you,

But I will remember you best.


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