To Blog or Not to Blog


You are currently reading my new blog. This first post will not be anything monumental other than explaining what inspired me to contribute to the blogosphere and what to expect from me.

Very few people may be aware that I used to blog back when I was in junior high and high school. I recently rediscovered my old blog (no, I’m not telling you where it is) and was fascinated by some of the things I had written. Some of it was simply amusing while other parts of it were very convicting for me to read years later. At that time, I believed that I had something important to share. At this period of my life, I believe once again that I have a voice that wants to be heard.

What should be expected from this blog? For the majority of it, it will be my own self-reflection. I will be open about problems and events in my life. I highly encourage responses from whoever reads this. It may also on occasion contain some of my creative writing and music reviews.

What should not be expected? Do not expect any political rants from me. I do have opinions on such things, but I choose not to express them through this medium. Do not expect me to berate any person whether they be some celebrity in the news or someone I personally know. The only person I will consider criticizing openly is myself, but I doubt that will happen much. Lastly, do not expect me to blog religiously. I will do my best to write often, but I need to dedicate most of my time in college at this time. Anyways, I bet my posts would lack in quality if I wrote so often.

There you have it!

Sean Roycraft


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